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Administrative and Stat. Divisions in Census


The Palestinian Territory is divided into several administrative and statistical levels. These divisions are used by PCBS in selecting samples, disseminating of statistical data, and facilitating fieldwork. The administrative divisions are also used by planning institutions and setting up development plans for the various geographic levels. The Palestinian Territory is divided into two administrative regions: the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Moreover, each region is divided into several governorates, which are divided into a number of localities.

 For purposes serving PCBS and contributing to providing statistical data on geographic levels, which is important in the process of setting up development plans, each locality was divided into a group of statistical areas in accordance with specific standards. Additionally, each statistical area is divide into a group of enumeration areas...


Cartography and GIS Department

Cartography Department (CARD) was established in May 1994 to fulfill the following main tasks: Produce different types of maps which are used in surveys and censuses. Prepare and develop a comprehensive listing of all Palestinian localities. And number the building to be used in survey samples and in censuses.
During the period 2003-2005 CARD tasks were developed and expanded to meet the development in the technology of producing maps and publishing statistical data. GIS was used in cartography and in producing statistical maps.

Latest Updates


Publishing maps of Statistical Divisions of Governorates, 2007 (PDF Format)

- 16 maps of Statistical Divisions of Governorates were published on this Link:

Population, Housing and Establishment Census, 2007


The PHC-2007 is the second census conducted in the Palestinian Territory.  It is the largest and the most inclusive statistical operation conducted to obtain statistical data necessary for socioeconomic planning and monitoring. Given the great importance of this census, the Council of Ministers issued specific decisions at its meeting convened in Ramallah on 16/12/2006 regarding carrying out the Population, Housing and Establishments Census-2007. These decisions set the geographical scope of the census and establishing the national committees assigned to supervise the implementation.

The census is one of the pillars of the official statistical system; accordingly, all sectors of society and its private and governmental institutions were requested to support the national team which has the responsibility for planning and conducting the census activities.

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Cartography and GIS Department Role in Census


The Cartography and GIS Department has largely contributed to conducting the census whether before or during implementing the field activities of the census. The Department also contributed to data dissemination after completing the census. The following explains the tasks to which the Cartography and GIS Department contributed during the different stages of the census. Preparation stage:The Cartography and GIS Department contributed the following during the census preparation stage:

1.Prepare the Manual of the Palestinian Localities 2007: A national committee was formed of the relevant ministries and agencies to review and update the Manual of the Palestinian Localities to reflect the changes on the ground that had occurred since the preparation of the manual in 1997. This was a basic step in the preparation for the Population, Housing, and Establishment Census 2007. The committee reviewed and updated the manual in line with the PCBS definition of a locality and in line with the decisions of the Ministry of Local Governance. The localities manual 2007 was prepared using the same mechanism used in 1997 and 1999; however, the necessary procedures required by changes and developments at localities were taken.



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