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Statistical Atlas of Palestine

Since the foundation of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in 1993, it endeavors to provide recent and precise data that cover statistical indicators.  PCBS had conducted many periodic surveys in addition to the population, housing and establishment census 1997 to build a comprehensive information system that represents a true and clear picture of the Palestinians political, economical, social and land situation.  

PCBS persists to provide data on statistical indicators to all interested users in various ways and methods: publications, books, conferences, workshops, international network (Internet) or by any other available method in order to reach as many users as possible.  

Cartography and GIS Department

Cartography Department (CARD) was established in May 1994 to fulfill the following main tasks: Produce different types of maps which are used in surveys and censuses. Prepare and develop a comprehensive listing of all Palestinian localities. And number the building to be used in survey samples and in censuses.

During the period 2003-2005 CARD tasks were developed and expanded to meet the development in the technology of producing maps and publishing statistical data. GIS was used in cartography and in producing statistical maps.

The first statistical atlas of Palestine was produced..




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New  Updates

- Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Releases the Agricultural Statistical Atlas of Palestine 2012. You can download it from this link.

-  16 maps of Statistical Divisions of Governorates were published on this Link..

- Statistical Atlas of Palestine is updated with 47 area statistics maps.

- Statistical Atlas of Palestine is updated with 52 population statistics maps and 14 Economic statistics maps.

- Statistical Atlas of Palestine is updated with 20 population and social statistics maps.

- 31/12/2009: Statistical Atlas of Palestine, 2009 is prepared and published, you can download the pdf copy of the atlas through this link.


Statistical Atlas of Palestine

Establishment Census Atlas of Palestine, 2012

Agricutural Atlas of Palestine, 2012

Statistical Atlas of Palestine, 2009

Statistical Atlas of Palestine
(Paper version 2004)


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